50 minutes

€ 60

Share your massage with a loved one or friend in our Spa Couples’ Room. Let us create a memorable experience for you both to share.


30 | 50 | 90 minutes

€ 22 | 27 | 35

This gentle massage includes in indulging in long, luxurious massage that uses all kinds of techniques, including long strokes, gentle kneading and rolling of the skin and muscle, along with rhythmic rocking from side to side.


50 minutes

€ 30

Massage candles are used for Relax Massage. Specially created massage candles when burnt heathen the candle substance which is melted and turned into ethereal massage oil. Candle wax that is made into massage oil is a combination of Palm Tree fruits and Soya wax extracts, with essential oils and vegetable fat. Candle wax is 100% organic without paraffin or synthetic oils.


50 minutes

€ 50

Pamper yourself with an incredible full-body experience during a treatment that involves two of our Spa therapists using Swedish Massage techniques. Give yourself a peaceful moment away from tension and comfort.


30 minutes

€ 18

This ancient technique is supremely relaxing and excellent for stress relief. The application of pressure on reflex points on the feet and hands restores the flow of energy throughout the body, and is said to stimulate the body’s own healing mechanisms.