Mywellness Cloud

Access your exercise program and training at a place that suits you – from any computer, tablet or smartphone! Modify and adjust the exercises and make sure that all types of your activities count: including a quick walk in the park!

WellnessLand has introduced mywellness cloud platform and secured its leading position in the regional fitness & wellness market.

Our club provides each member with a mywellness cloud account, with access to specially designed and personalized exercise programs. Exercise programs are available when a member logs in at the club, and can be accessed via the Internet. While a member exercises, TGS key records all his or her activities and sends them directly to a member’s account on mywellness cloud platform, which is a unique system developed by Technogym. The system then reciprocates by sending personalized parameters and results of trainings to a member’s account, which can be accessed via computer, tablet, smartphone or Technogym exercise machine at the club.


Members are able to download the existing trainings from the base using their mywellness cloud accounts, create their own trainings, follow training programs and personal development, contact the club or a personal trainer even when members (due to business or private journeys) or personal trainers (due to vacation or sick leave) are not in the club.


Each member possesses TGS key, which is fully compatible with all Technogym new generation machines, so it is possible to use TGS key at hotels and fitness clubs where members spend time during their trips. For detailed information on a list of major hotel chains which enable the use of TGS key, click here.


Would you like to enjoy a personalized wellness experience even when you exercise outside the club – in nature, on a tennis court, bike path..? It’s not a problem. WellnessLand is able to provide you with an advanced MyWellness Key produced by Technogym. Get more information at the club reception or click here.