Artis introduces a full line of cardio machines and equipment for functional and strength trainings, designed so that it fits perfectly into the distinctive ecosystem of Technogym – the first “smart” system in the fitness industry, which includes exercise machines, services and specialized programs contained on unique mywellness cloud platform.

Artis comes in WellnessLand bundled with the Unity interface, the specific Android 4.0 system which provides exercisers with a simple, modern and “friendly” access to their favorite fitness equipment. An essential feature of the Unity platform is its compatibility with all devices that exercisers may possibly use – Android or iOS mobile phones and tablets, RunKeeper, Fear, Nike +, Fitbit, Polar or Garmin fitness equipment… Technogym enables exercisers to easily create wellness as a lifestyle, whether they are in a center such as WellnessLand, at a hotel gym, park or apartment. The Unity interface on Artis devices in WellnessLand is reminiscent of any tablet and is easy to use.