This program of moderate intensity is focused on the functionality of movement, the development of mobility, stability and functional strength through multi-joint exercises and full amplitude. It is programmed to contain all the moving structures, as well as progressions in relation to the current capabilities of each individual, this approach allows first of all safety, but also a consistent progress throughout the training process. Your body moves in various patterns during the day, and you can improve all these patterns through training and progressions, in order to move faster, easier and establish proper movement.



A healthy, strong and shaped body will definitely make it easier for you to cope with everyday challenges. This program focuses on strength and shaping exercises. Submaximal intensity through dosing intervals will provide increased calorie burn, while strength exercises are programmed to complete the activation of the entire musculature of the body. A workout that will strengthen your body and find your weak points that you consciously or unconsciously avoid in your workout. It is always a right time for strength training.



Implementing HIIT (high intensity interval training) methods in a training program at least once a week will make you speed up your basal metabolism and build muscle, and thus lose more calories than in regular workouts. This high-intensity interval program includes explosive movements and jumps dosed through appropriate progressions in relation to the current possibilities of the individuals, it is intended for everyone who wants a good workout in 40 minutes, wants better coordination, improved speed, and enjoys a dynamic and interesting training