Arke is a collection of professional and innovative requisites for training, designed primarily for practicing multi-joint movements, which activate the muscles in the form of kinetic chain. The idea of Arke requisites came from the need of returning man to nature, influencing the division into four groups that have names and characteristics of the four elements: water, air, earth and fire. These requisites provide a huge range of exercises and are very useful for functional training and rehabilitation. They may be involved in personal training, recovery from injuries, guided training, group exercises, regardless of whether they are combined with other machines and requisites or integrated into conventional fitness training. Your age, physical status, sex or wish to practice by yourself or in a group are not particularly important, as professional and inspiring team of WellnessLand coaches will find a solution to improve all your psychophysical abilities.


What is a kettlebell? Kettlebell (eng) or girya (rus) or the Russian bell is a seemingly ordinary cast-iron ball with a handle. Its center of mass is shifted, ie. located in the ball rather than the handle, and therefore back and abdominal muscles are in constant activation, as they should stabilize the swinging ball. Training with girya is extremely dynamic, with short duration, not more than 30 minutes, and belongs to a group HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training), ie. training of high intensity, which speeds up the metabolism and encourages the loss of subcutaneous fat. Practicing with girya burns a lot of calories and this consumption can be up to 1.500 kcal per hour. Training includes cutting exercise (there are approximately 300 of them), and the most important are: swing, snatch, clean, press, squats, standing up from the stalls etc. Whether you are an amateur who wants to improve his physical condition and appearance with less time spent or professional athletes aiming to take training to a higher level, the Russian bell (or girya) is the right choice for you if you want to improve your endurance, strength, working capacity, mental strength, coordination, reduce fat, relieve yourself of daily stress, raise vitality and improve the health of the spine, joints, tendons and ligaments. The Russian bell is a specific type of training as it is a simultaneous aerobic and anaerobic process, so that besides muscles, it will also strengthen the cardiovascular system.


TRX® Suspension Training® It is a training method in which a person uses its own weight as the load. The adjustment of angles and body positions provide more than 300 different exercises that use the body’s own weight and that help us to achieve better shape and more efficient exercise performance. If we consider that the training intensity is only changed with different posture, Suspension training exercises are safe and effective for everyone regardless of the level of the current condition – from 92-year olds to professional athletes. Suspension training has the advantage when compared to conventional strength training because human body works as a whole, all the muscles together, not only as the sum of muscle groups. Each TRX exercise builds full functional strength and also improves flexibility, balance and core stability.