This program of moderate intensity is focused on the functionality of movement, the development of mobility, stability and functional strength through multi-joint exercises and full amplitude. It is programmed to contain all the moving structures, as well as progressions in relation to the current capabilities of each individual, this approach allows first of all safety, but also a consistent progress throughout the training process. Your body moves in various patterns during the day, and you can improve all these patterns through training and progressions, in order to move faster, easier and establish proper movement.


A healthy, strong and shaped body will definitely make it easier for you to cope with everyday challenges. This program focuses on strength and shaping exercises. Submaximal intensity through dosing intervals will provide increased calorie burn, while strength exercises are programmed to complete the activation of the entire musculature of the body. A workout that will strengthen your body and find your weak points that you consciously or unconsciously avoid in your workout. It is always a right time for strength training.



Implementing HIIT (high intensity interval training) methods in a training program at least once a week will make you speed up your basal metabolism and build muscle, and thus lose more calories than in regular workouts. This high-intensity interval program includes explosive movements and jumps dosed through appropriate progressions in relation to the current possibilities of the individuals, it is intended for everyone who wants a good workout in 40 minutes, wants better coordination, improved speed, and enjoys a dynamic and interesting training.

We all realize the impact of regular exercise on a healthy life. What we mostly do not realize are the things that suit our body, and in addition we mostly use the gym equipment incorrectly. We look at people around us, and we try… but without someone to guide us, after a few attempts we discouragely give up. Therefore, you should find a place where you will be provided with a personal coach, someone who will show you how to exercise properly and guide you through workouts. With such exercise you will rapidly see changes in your shape, appearance, energy and physical strength. Change your life around. Learn about the links between training, nutrition and rest. YOUR PERSONAL TRAINER WILL HELP YOU ACHIEVE THE DESIRED RESULTS. Your personal trainer will help you stay true to your training and yourself. He or she will plan your every step in detail. Our personal trainers not only provide safe and efficient programs, but will always motivate you, positively affect your mood and make sure your training sessions are interesting, progressive and fun. Regardless of your training, the possibilities are endless, and the goals are attainable and a lot easier with the adequate assistance of our trainers. Choose your personal trainer. It is important to get the right help for your training, but it is equally important that together you can work well.

2-on-1 personal training is the right choice if you want to practice with another person, and achieve good results at the same time. If you need motivation, monitoring of your workout accuracy and a company, duo personal training is the right choice for you. Our expert team of trainers is there for you and your partner, and is ready to assist you in achieving your desired goals.

One of the biggest training mistakes is early exposure to demanding programs and absence of adequate neuromuscular adaptations. Many teenagers are under the impression that the more is the better, and that harder trainings will help them achieve the desired results and build muscle mass and strength much faster. Unfortunately, this is not true.

Our offer also includes a package called TEENAGE FITNESS, which was designed based on the desire of both parents and their teenagers to exercise and become healthier, stronger, self-satisfied, or to develop the performance required for a particular sport, while at the same time are able to fully adapt exercise to their age, safely and evenly develop all motor skills or to remove any existing deformity.

Our highly educated and professional trainers will teach you how to enjoy your trainings, do you exercise properly, build a healthy approach to physical activity, and the results will come as an effect of all the above-mentioned.

See you at practice!

Stretching exercises are an important and indispensable part of every workout. Stretching exercises improve the body’s ability regarding any activity, develop mobility of joints, tendons, ligaments and muscles, and thus reduce the risk of injury, improve circulation in our muscles and reduce the time needed for recovery after training. Stretching is not only good for muscles, but is also an effective tool for mental and physical relaxation.

Our professional team members (fitness trainers, physical therapists, doctors from Vita Maxima sports medicine center and nutritionists from Dr. Gifing chrono nutrition center) will help you make a big change in your life and a step towards a healthier lifestyle, complete transformation of your body and comprehension of wellness lifestyle.

The program lasts 15 weeks and includes:

    • 5 days of exercise a week, and two rest days (it is necessary to conduct 75 training sessions during the program in order to achieve the desired results). With help from your trainer, you are free to do cardio two days a week.
  • Examinations will be carried out at the beginning of the program (at Vita Maxima center)
    • anamnesis will be conducted by the accepted form of FIMS
    • physical examination: general and local in accordance with the organic system
    • anthropometric indicators
    • height, weight and complete body structure
    • 12-lead ECG
    • ergospirometry test
    • There are four nutrition programs in various stages of the program (at the beginning of the program, you will be examined by a nutritionist from Dr. Gifing chrono nutrition center and then will be provided with your nutrition program. During the program, you will be examined 3 more times in order to verify the results and possible changes in your nutrition program).
  • One massage/treatment a week, during the program
  • In accordance with your wishes and with the advice of our professional therapists you can chose one of the available treatments
    • Anti-cellulite massage
    • Lymphatic drainage
    • Body wrapping
    • Loosen stress (relax)

This program will help you lose 10-18 pounds in a healthy and controlled way.

Terms are not fixed. They are scheduled in consultation with your trainer.

There are 75 training sessions during 15 weeks.