SkyWellness included

From now on, WellnessLand membership fees are equivalent to SkyWellness Dorćol fees. Make a change, and occasionally enjoy training with the best view in town. Your WellnessLand membership card is initially encoded and allows you access to SkyWellness services, and it is not necessary to separately announce your arrival to this urban, fitness center situated in Dorćol.

SkyWellness provides precious and one of the most beautiful views in the city. If you are familiar with the amazing stories about the nightlife on Belgrade rivers, you’ll remain speechless once you experience an early-morning or day training with a perfect view of the same rivers! SkyWellness is a young center, full of positive energy and a favorite spot in town when it comes to quality workouts. Members and guests have access to the sauna, various body treatments and services of professional trainers.

Ask for more information about SkyWellness center at your main reception (WellnessLand center) or visit the following website,