Physical Therapy Center

WellnessLand Physical Therapy Center is available to everyone, club members, their family members and friends. The services are designed so that everyone can use them: school-age children, amateurs, athletes and seniors, regardless of whether they require preventive and corrective treatments or diagnosed conditions.

“1-on-1” working method with our physical therapists is the advantage of our center, so that all their knowledge and attention will be paid to you, your work and your progress.

Our Physical Therapy Center provides treatment options for those who are experiencing

  • Orthopedic-trauma problems (injuries of ligaments, tendons, muscles, fascia, peripheral joints, bones, contractures)
  • Rheumatic problems (degenerative, inflammatory and non-articular rheumatism)
  • Neurological problems (injuries and diseases of peripheral nerves, disk herniation, lumbar and cervical syndrome, radiculopathy, polyneuropathy)
  • Painful conditions (pain in the back of the head, neck, shoulder blades, shoulders and back)
  • Various deformities (exercise for the prevention and treatment of scoliosis and kifotic posture, spinal deformity, osteoporosis, cervical and lumbar syndromes)

The Center provides full physical therapy services:

  • kinesitherapy (movement therapy, exercises)
  • manual therapy (therapeutic massage, joint mobilization, therapeutic stretching)
  • physical therapy (electrotherapy, magnetic therapy, ultrasound, laser)

We recommend:

COMBINED MANUAL TREATMENT (CMT) is a manual technique which represents a new approach to the treatment of the human body. It provides analysis of the direct connection between our body posture (bones, joints, muscles) and emotions. This treatment involves the performance of specific grips on the body and is a compound of our anatomical knowledge of body, whose form and structure, in addition to hereditary traits, are mostly connected to emotions. The treatment consists of diagnostic tests, structure, posture analysis and the performance of treatment that consists of pushing, pulling, kneading and stretching movements, as well as repositioning of articular surfaces. The treatment is carried out on the mat over cotton clothes, and manipulation of the spinal column is carried out at the end of the treatment. This treatment is extremely pleasant. “MYO” is the name of the muscle, while fascia is an elastic layer which branches along the entire body. The muscles and fascia work together and their interaction helps the body work in an orderly and healthy manner. Due to any inflammation or injury in the body, the fascia becomes inelastic, and the restrictions tighten muscles causing tension, pain, stress, and limit movement.

MFR is a technique for the implementation of the treatment, based on the unity of the movements of a therapist and the client’s body. The treatments are very relaxing to the point where most clients immersed in a dream, while others leave completely relaxed and pain relieved. There are those who report emotional state changes (in the positive sense), since the stress caused by pain is reduced.

CORRECTIVE GYMNASTICS is an activity involving a set of physical exercises dosed according to intensity, type and duration, which could be applied preventively to children who are predisposed to any of postural deformities or could be used therapeutically, in case they already exist. The exercises aim to increase muscle strength, increase range of motion and improve coordination of movements. These exercises directly affect both muscles and joints or, as well as the whole organism. Such targeted measures are supposed to strengthen weak and stretch shortened muscles. Breathing exercises are mandatory in case of the deformity of the chest and spine.

KINESIO TAPING is a method that is based on the natural healing process of the body. Its basic principles are kinesiology. Kinesio taping is in fact a special tape which is, due to its characteristics (weight, thickness, elasticity), very similar to the skin. It is important to know that it does not contain any pharmacological agents (Russian patch), but contains adhesive which is hypoallergenic, so the tape could allow maximum breathability. It is waterproof, and users are free to expose treated parts to water. It should be used 3-5 days, and because of these characteristics could be used indefinitely without adverse consequences. Taping is used for all forms of treatment in kinesitherapy, and is recommended for athletes in order improve their performances. The basic function of taping is to accelerate the flow of body fluids (blood and lymph), so that such a treated area could be nourished faster and better. Therefore the irritation to the receptors in the skin decreases, and the local temperature increases. Administered tape makes small folds with every move so that the each segment of skin is under treatment for 24 hours.